What We Stand For

Our Vision

Spring Lake Park/Blaine/Mounds View Fire Department will be an industry leader in fire prevention, all hazard emergency mitigation and customer service by possessing an innovative spirit; exhibiting steadfast dedication to the wellbeing of our personnel and the communities we serve; exercising competent and caring leadership at all levels; championing collaboration and embracing countinual orgqanizational change.

Our Mission

Spring Lake Park/Blaine/Mounds View Fire Department will preserve life and property by providing exceptional fire prevention, innovative public education and effective all hazard emergency response ensuring unparalleled customer service.

Our Values

The Spring Lake Park/Blaine/Mounds View Fire Department is a high performing and dynamic organization, which exceeds expectations of all our stakeholders. Our personnel are dedicated to providing innovative and exceptional services, now and in the future. To achieve our vision, we accept that we must:

  • Provide innovative fire prevention and all hazard emergency response through continuous program development, implementation of industry best practices, use of cutting edge technology and integration of emerging methodology.
  • Create high performance personnel through intensive training, professional development, mentorship and altruistic leadership.
  • Provide an agile, effective and efficient force by ensuring personnel possess state of the art equipment, employ sound tactics and strategy, and utilize efficient and effective resource management.
  • Provide the highest level of customer service with integrity, pride and commitment, which exceeds the expectations of all external and internal stakeholders.
  • Grow our business, capitalizing on new opportunities by leveraging our organizational strengths, resources and our personnel’s knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • Maintain our unique service model, ensuring our stakeholders receive exceptional service while striving for equity between efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Create an organizational culture that is built upon integrity, selfless dedication to service, honesty and extraordinary excellence.
  • Engage in collaborative teamwork at all levels to ensure the success of our programs as well as those of our response partners.

The key to protecting your family, home, business, or life from fire is prevention. As a service to you, the Fire Department takes a proactive role in meeting your fire prevention and safety needs.

The Spring Lake Park-Blaine-Mounds View Fire Department is also one of the leading departments in the state in fire prevention activities and boasts two of five full time public fire safety educators in the State and the only volunteer fire prevention personnel in the State of Minnesota.