The CommandSim program, the sensible simulation platform for all-hazards incident management training, at SBM Fire is designed to develop and/or maintain your incident management skills. A state of the art facility that can train firefighters and company officers to fight large or small incidents without ever putting on bunker gear!
By participating in this training course, your team will adapt proven strategies and the best practices to manage an entire emergency situation and the departments overall response to a fire. Your personnel will learn specific skills that can help anticipate and plan for what might arise on any given day. 
Throughout this course, you gain valuable insight into the strategies that are necessary to successfully implement your own Incident Command Plan and build your organization with clearly defined goals. The more abilities can be enhanced, to be strong commanders, the better the incident is going to be handled. 
The Command Simulator uses a SMART Board, an interactive whiteboard, to do just this. It is an effective hands-on training simulator that does not put any lives at risk. In the beginning of a simulation, the trainer stands alone in the simulator room listening to department radio transmissions and their view of the incident is projected on a SMART Board. Using CommandSim Software, they see a 3-D world that they can navigate by touching the screen. It is important for firefighters to think and feel like they’re really on an emergency scene and the only way to get that kind of realism is with the interactive whiteboard. 
In addition, you will learn how to:

  • Adapt proven methods, strategies, and practices to improve your organization
  • Implement your own action plan and align your visions and goals
  • Develop consistent practices and clearly defined strategies
  • Gain insight to key areas to drive long term results
  • Initiate, maintain, and control effective incident communication
  • Develop an organizational game plan that drives the incident to conclusion
  • Customize an effective response of particular incident situations

Other benefits for your organization include increased firefighter safety, public safety, liability mitigation, and increased training productivity. By using the large interactive screen during a simulation it is easier for users to feel they are in an emergency and behave like it’s the real thing- immersing them into that role. Utilizing this state-of-the-art computer based simulation technology you will be able to rehearse emergency responses using the same systems and knowledge of command and control as you would in an actual event. 
Command Simulator can be programmed for many different scenarios teaching particular skills and dealing with specific problems. Participants can practice and improve their response skills with each scenario in a setting that feels real, but does not put anyone in danger. 
These programs are customized to your department’s specific needs through the use of your own photos and videos to tailor quickly and economically to your response area, local hazards, actual fire scenes, and target skill sets. Through these courses individuals have gotten measureable results proven in comparison with live evolutions. The recommended class size for these courses: 6-8 students. 
Comment from an Incident Command Officer:
Jim Steele: “I highly recommend the course and know it would be beneficial to multiple ranks of officers. The class is very strong on strategic management of the fire scene, in less than a day our group of nine functioned well together. For me, this was one of the most enjoyable classes I had taken in a number of years.”

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