Fire Marshals

Another aspect of our unique operation is the fire marshaling and fire inspection component of the operation. In Blaine, Spring Lake Park, and Mounds View the fire marshaling is done by the city with city employees who are designated as fire marshals.

Fire marshaling and inspection is a critical component of the fire protection and prevention services arena. Since the adoption and implementation of the programs the decline in commercial, industrial, and retail fires, alarm calls, and other emergency service requests has been reduced significantly to a point that the fire problem has been all but eliminated.

The single most important reason for this is the adoption and installation of sprinkler systems which have proven over time to be over 98% effective in controlling and extinguishing fire.

Recreational Fire Regulations

Recreational Fires have become an important part of our outdoor experience. In order to ensure that these types of experiences can continue without creating a safety hazards or nuisance the recreational fire regulations listed below have been developed. Unfortunately the number of illegal recreational fires has been increasing each year. The District Chiefs from the Fire Department who respond to these calls are volunteers who leave their homes and businesses to ensure the safety of the residents. To curb the growing number of illegal recreational fires and to further eliminate potential safety hazards and nuisances strict enforcement of these regulations will begin immediately and violations will result in legal action through the municipal court system.

  • Open burning of lumber, pallets, wooden shingles, scrap wood, brush, tree trimmings, leaves, yard waste, cardboard, paper, garbage, and other similar items, is not permitted.
  • Recreational fires are permitted under the following conditions:
  • Only natural firewood cut in short lengths less than two (2) feet may be burned. The fire must be contained in a manufactured freestanding fire pit or ring or pit not exceeding three (3) feet in diameter.
  • All fire rings or pits must be located a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet away from any structures or combustibles, such as houses, garages, sheds, wood piles and wooden fences. Manufactured freestanding fire pits must be located a minimum of ten (10) feet away from any structures or combustibles, such as houses, garages, sheds, wood piles and wooden fences.
  • The fire must be constantly attended and supervised by an adult until the fire has been completely extinguished.
  • A connected garden hose or other means to extinguish the fire must be readily available.
The use of flammable or combustible liquid accelerants is not permitted.
  • Recreational fires are not permitted on windy days when the smoke may create a nuisance for nearby neighbors.
  • Recreational fires are not permitted on commercial or industrial sites, or sites with construction activities.
  • Police and Fire Department officers are authorized to require that a recreational fire be immediately extinguished and discontinued if it is determined that the fire is not in compliance with the above rules, the smoke is offensive to nearby neighbors, or the burning is determined to constitute a hazardous condition.
  • Contact the Fire Inspection Department if you have questions regarding recreational fires. If you see fires that are clearly in violation of these requirements dial 911, and a Duty Chief will be dispatched to the scene.

Important Phone Numbers

Blaine Fire MarshalBob Fiske(763) 717-2629
Blaine Deputy Fire MarshalTodd Miller(763) 785-6173
Blaine Fire Inspector IIMark Duchene(763) 717-2644
Blaine Fire Inspector IMatt Prebil(763) 785-6184
Blaine Fire Inspector IRyan Antilla(763) 717-2648
Blaine Fire Inspector IAnton Wicklander(763) 785-6195
Blaine Fire Inspector IJonathan Gaulke(763) 717-2750
Blaine Fire Inspector IJames Brennan(763) 717-2676
Blaine Fire Inspector IAndy Luedtke(763) 717-2779
Rental License ClerkJodi Campbell(763) 785-6146
Neighborhood Services SpecialistBlaine Drayfahl(763) 717-2625
Mounds View Fire MarshalIsaiah Schoeman(763) 717-4023
Spring Lake Park Fire MarshalJeff Baker(763) 792-7212

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