Each city maintains a list of city ordinances for businesses and residents on their websites. The Spring Lake Park city website is currently under construction. When the site is available, the link will be updated.

If more information is required, contact the city.

Another aspect of our unique operation is the fire marshaling and fire inspection component of the operation. In Blaine, Spring Lake Park, and Mounds View the fire marshaling is done by the city with city employees who are designated as fire marshals.

Fire marshaling and inspection is a critical component of the fire protection and prevention services arena. Since the adoption and implementation of the programs the decline in commercial, industrial, and retail fires, alarm calls, and other emergency service requests has been reduced significantly to a point that the fire problem has been all but eliminated.

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Each year, U.S. businesses lose billions of dollars to fire. Not to mention the lost sales, lost production, and possibly the loss of their business or even worse, the loss of a life.

Often times, fires are preventable. Overlooked items can result in disaster. A small investment in fire prevention now, could end up saving you a lot in the log run.The fire department offers many programs and services designed to help minimize your company's fire risk. For more information, click on the links below.


Employee Safety Day

Employee Safety Day is a new program offered by the department to help businesses teach their employees about fire safety on the job and at home. Members of the department will come out to your place of business and offer displays, presentations and information to your employees on the topics of fire safety and fire prevention. Personal and home safety items, such as bike helmets, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are also avilable for sale.

For more information or to schedule an Employee Safety Day for your company, contact Bob Fiske at (763) 785-6173.

Recreational Fires have become an important part of our outdoor experience. In order to ensure that these types of experiences can continue without creating a safety hazards or nuisance the recreational fire regulations listed below have been developed. Unfortunately the number of illegal recreational fires has been increasing each year. The District Chiefs from the Fire Department who respond to these calls are volunteers who leave their homes and businesses to ensure the safety of the residents. To curb the growing number of illegal recreational fires and to further eliminate potential safety hazards and nuisances strict enforcement of these regulations will begin immediately and violations will result in legal action through the municipal court system.

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