New Minnesota Statute regarding the sale and posession of fireworks released


Recent changes to Minnesota Statute 624.20 now allow for the public sale, possession and use of a limited number of but not all fireworks. The changes now allow for sale, possession and use of some non-explosive and non-aerial consumer fireworks such as sparklers, cones and tubes that emit sparks, novelty items like snakes and party poppers.

These fireworks may not be used on public property and purchasers must be at least 18 years old. Follow some simple safety tips when using fireworks.

**Do not carry fireworks in your pocket.**Eye protection is recommended for those using fireworks. **Keep fireworks away from small children. **Choose a safe place to use fireworks that is far from anything that could be damaged. **Fireworks should only be ignited outdoors and away from animals, storage tanks, brush, combustible materials. **Never ignite fireworks inside another container, such as inside a bottle or can.

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