Residential Fire Sprinklers

Learn more about Fire Sprinklers in your home and the loan program we offer

Sprinklers have proven to be the single most effective device in controlling and extinguishing fires. They are so successful that we have virtually eliminated the fire problem in commercial, industrial, and public assembly buildings. Advances in design and technology have now made them economically available for home use coming in at about $1 per square foot in new construction and up to $2 per square foot in existing retrofits.

The department offers a no interest loan for up to two years with payments based upon repaying $1,000 every six months and a $4,000 maximum. Typical installations are easily under this amount for most homes in the cities of Blaine, Spring Lake Park, and Mounds View.

Contact the fire department at 763-786-4436 for more information on this program.

There are some things money CAN buy – including a fire sprinkler for your home or business!